Rollin Cook

Rollin Cook Rollin CookRollin Cook brings decades of experience and credibility related to law enforcement to the SPI Team. He is a genuine expert on myriad aspects of public safety, corrections, and criminal justice. 

 Rollin’s law enforcement expertise was gained through decades of government service. He spent 23 years in the Salt Lake County Corrections System working his way through the ranks before being appointed corrections chief deputy, a position he held for seven years. During his tenure, he led a transition team that opened a new state-of-the-art 2,000-bed correctional facility and also reopened a jail as a therapeutic-style facility. 

 In 2013, he was appointed as the executive director over the Utah Department of Corrections to lead day-to-day operations for 12 divisions, 2,200 employees, 7,000-plus incarcerated citizens, and 15,000-plus community supervised individuals. He managed a multi-million dollar budget and was responsible for oversight of the construction and transition of new state correctional facilities. 

In January 2019, Rollin was named commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Corrections. His responsibilities included a budget of $700 million, leading 7,000 employees, managing 12,000 incarcerated citizens, 5,000-plus paroled individuals, and 14 state correctional facilities. 

Rollin has been a nationally recognized consultant, trainer, and adviser on corrections and public safety topics for more than two decades. He has led courses on corrections operations, jail administration, assessments, transition, organizational dynamics, and leadership. 

 Additionally, he has worked with local, national, and international law-enforcement communities through his participation associations such as the Correctional Leaders Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Sheriff’s Association, American Jail Association, and American Correctional Association. 

Rollin is a native Utahan, who earned a Master of Business Administration and bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.