Nancy Edmonson

Nancy Edmonson has a 35 year history in the transit industry and experience as a public official, a planner and a leader in the area of public transportation. She also has a wealth of experience in dealing with the various jurisdictional levels of government.

Edmonson’s experience centers on the analytical aspects of transit planning, particularly financial analysis and performance evaluation. She has excelled in developing a unique area of expertise in the application of statistical analysis to important transit planning and operations issues.

She has worked with both Austin’s transit authority, Capital Metro, and also with Houston METRO. Nancy has private sector experience as well.  In 1994, she joined a consulting firm as a partner and was named the firm’s president in 1997.

Edmonson later founded a transportation consulting firm and gained even more experience in partnering both public and private sector organizations. Since then, she has worked for numerous transit agencies and other governmental entities in the areas of financial, planning, and operations expertise.  She was a member of the Gulf Coast Rail District board of directors for five years. She is well known and highly regarded in the world of public transportation authorities.

Nancy was able to gain even more insight and perspective into the art of successful collaboration as she served on the Shoreacres City Council and then became the city’s mayor. Nancy brings experience, unique insight and a wealth of information to the SPI Team.