Miriam DiazResearch Analyst

512-531-3943 | mdiaz@spartnerships.com |

Strategic Partnerships, Inc. (SPI) bolstered its Research Team with the addition of Miriam Diaz, an experienced researcher with deep knowledge of government jurisdictions and contracting.

Miriam began honing her research skills as a graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) where she specialized in research projects related to U.S. Southern political history, Latin American politics, international drug policy, and urban planning.

After graduation, Miriam entered the tech industry where she worked in cloud migration, staff augmentation, and resource contracting. She was later selected to be a project coordinator at an emerging tech firm. In that role, Miriam wore many hats and learned to think strategically as she negotiated contracting issues.

Some of her successes include implementing long-term staff augmentation contracts with multinational corporations and connecting the firm’s cloud migration capabilities to larger companies.

Miriam is involved in research analysis for SPI’s clients throughout the U.S. She earned a bachelor’s degree in government from UT Austin.