Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett 300x300 Michael BarrettMichael Barrett is an information technology leader whose 40 years of managing complex technical organizations and leading IT implementations will be of high value to clients of SPI.

Michael is an experienced manager with a proven track record. He is versed in strategic planning, system life cycle methodologies, and business process optimization. He also has expertise in change management on a global level. His work in high performance computing, large scale research network infrastructure, data center operations, cloud computing architectures, and managed services is enviable.

He recently retired as chief information officer from Florida State University (FSU) where he was responsible for the direction and oversight of the Central Information Technology and Services organization that supported the university.

With a staff of over 400 and a $65 million annual operating budget, Michael led the strategy, direction, and management for university-wide technology functions, including business support services, infrastructure and operational services, the Research Computing Center, technology support, telecommunications, and video services for the university. He also had oversight of the Northwest Regional Data Center, an enterprise that provided IT services to over 100 public-sector customers in Florida.

Michael served as an officer and board member for the Florida Lambda Rail (FLR), an organization that owns and operates a 1,600-mile fiber optic research and education network providing internet services to more than 90 public-sector and private educational entities in Florida. It also provides access to the Internet2 national research and education network.

In addition to his most recent position, Michael held other technology management positions and the experience he brings to the SPI Team and its clients is extremely significant.