Micah ThorsellSenior Managing Consultant

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Micah Thorsell contributes a wealth of expertise in go-to-market strategy, business development, procurement management, product development, research, and government affairs to the SPI Team. He has effectively led efforts that have established new business partnerships with multiple U.S. states and their associated statewide agencies.

Before joining SPI, Micah began his career in a pioneering optical character recognition (OCR) technology company normalizing data for high-profile pharmaceutical patent litigation cases in Los Angeles, CA. He later worked in legal research at a criminal defense firm in Orange County, CA.

He is well versed in managing the procurement process from initial outreach to final drafts and pricing strategy. Micah is proud that several of his efforts have resulted in his language being codified in various Regulations, Bills, and Laws in the U.S., and he has successfully driven government affairs efforts to amendments, new appropriations, and laws in challenging political environments such as The New York House and Senate, among others.

Micah holds degrees in Political Science and Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was the recipient of an academic merit full tuition scholarship, and additionally holds a degree in Business Management and Leadership.