Megan McDermottDirector of Research

Megan McDermott, Director of Research at Strategic Partnerships, Inc. (SPI), came to SPI from the University of Notre Dame where she held the position of associate director of innovation & practice at the university’s Pulte Institute for Global Development. Megan is an experienced researcher with a background in anthropology, finance, entrepreneurship, and systems-based research methods.

At Notre Dame, she oversaw a wide-reaching portfolio of applied research projects. Prior to Notre Dame, Megan worked for several international development consulting firms in the Washington, DC area. In those roles she focused on global infrastructure, community, and organizational development. Her past work in these areas includes both primary and secondary research – including qualitative and quantitative analysis – participatory research methods, facilitation, training, and research program management.

Over the course of her career, to-date, Megan has led and contributed to projects funded by the U.S. Government, the UK Government, the United Nations, and other private and bi-lateral donors. She has collaborated on research and other project work with national and sub-national government stakeholders and local partners across North America, Central America, East and West Africa, and Southeast Asia. Megan holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology, Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona.