Maya IngramSenior Consultant

Maya Ingram spent eight years serving as a consultant to municipal, county and private-sector clients and then moved into state government and served eight years as a government executive. Her experience and knowledge of the inter-workings of government and her understanding of wide-ranging legislative and government administrative processes allow her to offer incredible advice and guidance to SPI clients. She is a valued member of the SPI Consulting Team.

Photo of SPI Senior Consultant Maya IngramIn her years of public sector commitment, Maya developed strong relationships with legislators and their staffs, agency executive teams and staff and state and local community leaders. The time she spent working with these officials allowed her to build an extensive network of public- and private-sector connections and relationships.

Maya served at the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) and also at the General Land Office (GLO). Her most recent employment at the TFC was her second engagement with the agency, serving as Director of External Affairs and Communication. During that time, Maya was charged with dealing with legislators and their offices and overseeing projects that dealt with private-sector initiatives. She also assisted with the TFC’s Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) program as it relates to the procurement process. Maya has also worked with contract management programs related to procurement.

During an earlier five-year stint with the TFC, Maya was HUB Marketing Coordinator and State Cooperative Purchasing Administrator. She also served as HUB Coordinator during her five years with the GLO.

Maya attended The University of Texas at Austin and completed continuing education and certification programs related to public managers’ procurement, communications and issues management.