Lora Weber

Lora Weber EC Lora WeberLora Weber brings a strong mix of public and private sectors skills and experiences to the SPI team. Lora enjoyed a 25-year career with several state agencies encompassing everything from public utility regulation to business licensing to higher education.  As the head of large state operations, Lora gained extensive expertise in agency rule-making, legislative relations, consumer affairs, legislative funding, operating budgets, and strategic planning.

Throughout her career, Lora testified before state boards, legislative committees, and congressional committees, not only on matters regarding state policy but also on issues vital to small business.  She has developed long-standing relationships with policymakers at both the state and local levels of government.  Lora served as the Executive Director of the Texas Incentive and Productivity Commission and the Deputy Executive Director of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Lora has served on national boards including the Verizon Consumer Advisory Board and the National Consumers League. She has also served as Chair of a large Chamber of Commerce and on an Economic Development Advisory Committee.  She currently serves on the Economic Development District for the Capital Area Council of Governments.

Lora holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and political science.