Kristin GordonSenior Managing Consultant

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Kristin Gordon is a seasoned journalist and writer experienced in communications in both the public and private sectors. She joined the SPI team as editor and communications strategist, writing and publishing SPI’s two weekly digital newsletters and contributing to the firm’s marketing and communications, before moving to the research team.

Prior to joining SPI, Kristin was a news producer, photojournalist, writer and editor for television broadcast news programs, radio stations and newspapers.  As the spouse of a U. S. Army major, she also held writing and marketing positions at military bases throughout the country. Additionally, she worked as a communications specialist for an independent school district.

In her more than two decades as a journalist, Kristin developed extensive research skills.  She brings her knack for digging deep to find the nuggets of key information to the SPI research team to keep the firm abreast of news, trends and upcoming contracting opportunities throughout the nation.

Kristin holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in marketing from Northwestern State University of Louisiana.