Juan R. CuellarManaging Consultant

Juan R. Cuellar is a managing consultant at Strategic Partnerships, Inc. (SPI) who brings a breadth of expertise and experience to the team.  Juan’s career history includes working at the highest levels of the federal government as well as state governmental agencies, academia, and the private sector. 

Prior to joining SPI, Juan served over 20 years in the U.S. Army where he was a senior leader and manager who provided tactical and operational leadership in and out of the United States.  He was involved in strategic planning, guidance, and policy development, as well as team and relationship building.  In addition, Juan served as a diplomatic and political strategist for senior executives.  

Juan’s knowledge in government expands from being an operational leader to leading strategic and intelligence organizations, cooperating with sister intelligence and law enforcement agencies to provide on-time efficient whole-of-government solutions, domestically and globally. 

As an adjunct professor in higher education, Juan provided instruction in homeland security, emergency management and response, political science, and intercultural communications. 

Juan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from Norwich University, a Master of Arts in International Relations from Salve Regina University and several continuing educational certificates in Homeland Security, Futures Thinking, Public Policy Challenges, Strategy Formulation, Strategic Planning and Execution.  He is an All-But-Dissertation Doctoral Candidate in Humanities.