Jordan BakerSenior Managing Consultant

Joining the SPI Consulting Team, Jordan Baker is a seasoned researcher with exceptional skills related to finding and using information analysis for government, private-sector firms, nonprofits, and other organizations.

Prior to joining SPI, Jordan was the senior project coordinator for the Institute for Biodefense Research working on the NSF funded Convergence Accelerator Program.

In this role she managed the Quantum Literacy Networking Team, focusing on intelligence, government, and nonprofit partnerships, and coordinating the teams’ User Experience Research.

Additionally, Jordan has experience in program and project development, implementation, and management. She has worked with a variety of industries, including education, disaster management, and food security. She also has served in numerous project manager roles and has experience gained from working as a research coordinator for Johns Hopkins University.

Jordan holds a master’s degree in anthropology from Texas State University with a focus on applied qualitative methods and incorporates her knowledge to help identify program needs and structure networking efforts.