Jeff WolkoveConsulting Partner

Self Portrait 2024 1024 200x300 Jeff WolkoveJeff Wolkove recently retired after a distinguished 12-year tenure as Arizona’s State Data Management Architect. In this Chief Data Officer equivalent role, Jeff built the state’s Enterprise Data Management program from the ground up. He utilized industry-standard frameworks, such as the EDM Council’s Data Management Capabilities Assessment Model (DCAM), to develop robust policies, standards, training and mentorship programs.

Jeff has made significant contributions to the field of data management, leading to the creation of a statewide data management community and earning international recognition for his work. His certifications from the EDM Council have equipped him to conduct crucial data management capability assessments for Arizona agencies, playing a pivotal role in shaping data management strategies.

He has provided support to Chief Data Officers and Chief Information Officers from over 100 state agencies in Arizona. He has also assisted cities and counties within Arizona with implementing effective data management programs. His influence extends to representing Arizona on the State Chief Data Officers Network and the NASCIO Enterprise Architecture and Data Governance committee. Currently, he is contributing to the development of version 3.0 of the DCAM. Jeff is known for innovation, excellence, and a commitment to ‘doing more with less’ in data management.