Jay Johnson

An expert in local government, Jay Johnson served more than a dozen years as Swisher County Judge, learning how counties deal with issues such as finance, social services, public safety. He also has extensive private-sector experience that gives him a multi-faceted approach to bringing the public and private sectors together for procurements and partnerships.

After leaving county government, Jay accepted a judicial education position with the Texas Association of Counties (TAC), furthering his interaction with local government officials and their day-to-day challenges. Even after retiring from TAC as Director of Education, he continues to consult with the organization on issues of importance to county government and county government officials.

Because of his interest in information technology, Jay was appointed as a charter member of the Texas Supreme Court’s Committee on Information Technology. He also served on the Texas Telecommunications Advisory Task Force.

Other committee appointments over the years have allowed him to delve into the critical needs of local government officials including issues such as health care, emergency services, and human services. His many appointments and public service as an elected official have given him unprecedented insight into the workings of local government, making him a valuable member of the Strategic Partnerships, Inc. consulting staff.  He has also maintained a network of government officials that allows him to keep pace with the challenges those officials face in providing necessary services to their constituents. Jay also has more than two decades of experience in writing grants for major Texas state agencies, including the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, the Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Texas Department of Transportation. He has relationships with individuals in every jurisdictional level.  Jay is an accomplished strategist and excels in offering solutions to government executives.