Erin DowneySenior Managing Consultant

Erin Downey 248x300 Erin DowneyErin Downey joins the Strategic Partnership, Inc., team as a managing consultant.

Erin comes from a political journalism and political organizing background where she gained an exceptional grasp on the connections between government and citizens. She was also charged with communication outreach responsibilities.

Before SPI, Erin was the lead Community Organizer with a private sector investment/development firm where she was responsible for spearheading a variety of community-building projects to revitalize the town of Aguilar, Colorado. Erin also worked as Aguilar’s grant writer, website developer and project lead for various types of initiatives. During her time in the community, she also served as the secretary board member for the Apishapa Valley Historical Society and Friends of Aguilar. This provided her with first-hand encounters of all types as she worked to help the community expand, grow and accomplish numerous objectives.

Earlier in her career, Erin worked as an editor and ghostwriter for a Book Publishing Company and was a political editor for her college newspaper. Her credentials include experience in government relations, extremely strong analytical and writing skills and the time she has spent working at the local levels of government.

Erin holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Communication from The University of Texas at Austin