David Cressman

David Cressman 225x300 David CressmanInnovation and adaptation are hallmarks of Strategic Partnerships Inc. (SPI) consultant David Cressman’s 45-year career in municipal government.

Most of David’s career was spent as a town manager or town administrator in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with some time in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Throughout his career in Massachusetts, David managed capital projects from new police stations, libraries, and schools to water and sewer projects. In addition, he administered organizations with almost $100 million in revenues and several hundred employees. Those efforts gave him an understanding of what local governments need to procure to deliver services.

David led communities to strengthen finances, maximize new income streams, and develop business relationships as evidenced by improved bond ratings, solar industry successes, and public-private partnership achievements.

He was recognized by the local government association in Massachusetts and was appointed to serve on a committee which re-wrote the Commonwealth’s Special Education definition and funding mechanism.

David has worked with a higher education institution in one community serving as a strategic planning committee member and guest lecturer. He has been recognized by his professional association with awards for sustainability and community partnership for getting over 20 communities to work together to purchase electricity for their residents.

Businesses looking to win local government contracts will benefit from David’s extensive experience in these states.