Dave Horton

Dave Horton has a long history of working with government officials and contractors, especially in the areas of information technology and communications.

SPI External Consultant Dave HortonPrior to re-entering the private sector in 2004 as an IT consultant, Dave directed the IT functions within the Texas Department of Human Services and supervised programs such as data center outsourcing and the Health and Human Services Consolidated Network, which was used by more than 250 state agencies, counties, hospitals, and contractors. Also during his tenure in the public sector, he was responsible for an agency’s $54.1 million IT budget in addition to procurement, contract management, state/federal relations, communications, and policies.

Dave is a seasoned legislative operative and is responsible for overseeing the monitoring of all bills, hearings, activities, and policy issues for SPI clients. His historical knowledge and his keen insight into the workings of government make him extremely valuable to clients with legislative objectives.

Dave has also had a career-long emphasis on marketing, customer service, and communications. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Texas State University. Dave has also traveled throughout the United States with other SPI clients working with sales teams to perfect their skills in selling to public officials at every level of government.