Cristian MirandaManaging Consultant

Prior to joining SPI, Cristian worked as a sales consultant for a Fortune 500 company. It was there that he honed his communication skills and gained experience in sales and presentation delivery. His love of the government marketplace, however, has been a driving motivating factor for many years.

In Virginia, Cristian gained political experience by advocating for equitable public-school funding for first-generation, immigrant communities in the northern part of the Commonwealth.

In addition, he learned about local government and politics as he attended coalition meetings with advocates and communicated with citizens and elected officials. He gained more experience in strategy development as he helped pass legislation to assist marginalized students.

While attending George Mason University, Cristian also advocated for education in numerous ways. He canvassed neighborhoods for local candidates committed to the improvement of K-12 education and student safety. He also conducted research and gained expertise through database searches on everything from municipal and state legislation to constitutional analysis.

Cristian’s career to this point has helped him develop exceptional expertise in the areas of communication, marketing, research, leadership, and government. His education credentials (business administration and government) include a degree at Texas State University.