Colby HarrellSenior Consultant & Director, Small Business Fast Track program

colbySenior Consultant Colby Harrell works with client teams and directs the SPI Small Business Fast Track program that assists small companies wanting to increase their footprint in the trillion-dollar government marketplace and with companies just entering the government marketplace for the first time.

Colby’s previous procurement consulting work with client teams representing a broad range of products and services has prepared him well to lead the Fast Track division. Colby has succeeded in helping clients from every industry sector increase government contracting revenues.  He is experienced in opportunity identification, customized research, strategy development and pursuit strategy.

Prior to joining the team at SPI, Colby held positions at institutions of higher education and with the federal government. While working for a congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives, he developed his understanding of the legislative and budgetary process, and his years at Strategic Partnerships, Inc. have given him the same type of insight into the state and local jurisdictions of government.

Colby holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Texas Tech University.