icon-p3Strategic Partnerships, Inc. (SPI), long recognized as a pioneer in the business of partnering public and private entities for commercial purposes, is now leading the way in the rapidly expanding arena of public-private partnerships (P3s).

SPI offers public officials a consulting package specifically designed to make “go or no-go” decisions about P3 engagements or alternative funding options of any type.

SPI’s public-private partnership consultants provide assistance and guidance related to any or all aspects of a public-private partnership engagement. Each consulting engagement is customized to meet specific objectives and the engagement can be as small or as large as is needed.

Public sector public-private partnership services offerings include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Initial discussion, evaluation and advice related to the benefits, risks and expectations of a P3 engagement, as well as recommendations from experienced SPI consultants;
  • Financial discussions related to building a business justification for the proposed P3 engagement (detailed comparison of all other options) and vetting and evaluating oInfographic showing SPI's Public Sector P3 Services offeringsf other options;
  • Discussions related to risks, obstacles, stakeholder support, political ramifications, media and the building of a Civic Outreach Plan;
  • Development of documents that outline benefits, success descriptors, stakeholder expectations, and external expertise and internal resources;
  • Discussion and strategy with potential project champion;
  • Development of the Civic Outreach Plan regardless of whether procurement is a P3 engagement or another option;
  • Message development for political or internal champion;
  • Message development for stakeholders, media, constituents, and taxpayers;
  • Facilitation and management of conversations with various industry leaders for input before solicitation documents are developed;
  • Facilitation and management of meeting with external experts for input before solicitation documents are developed and/or decisions are made;
  • Assistance in selecting the external experts that may be required; and
  • Assistance in outreach to a mass audience of potential private-sector partners to increase competition.

To discuss a public sector public-private partnership services consulting engagement with the SPI Team, send an email to sales@spartnerships.com. A consultant will be in touch to answer all your questions or to design a consulting package for your consideration.

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