Volume 4, Issue 40January 30 , 2013
Pivotal year ahead for shared services partnerships

Mary Scott NabersLocal governments have been entering into shared service agreements for many years. And, while the trend has been growing for a decade, 2013 is shaping up to be the pivotal year for state agencies, federal agencies and municipalities throughout the country to adopt the trend. The actions are being driven, of course, because of reduced funding and the need to reduce costs.


The benefit of shared service partnerships is indisputable: increased savings, improved efficiencies and oftentimes an expansion of services. Public officials in office today must ask questions such as "What services can be shared?", "Where can I find the most likely partner?" and "What makes shared service programs successful?" 




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New Jersey switching to online applications
Upcoming education opportunities
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Project to address needs of public colleges, universities


Will examine institutions' effect on innovation, jobs, strong national economy

Robert Birgeneau
Robert Birgeneau 

The Lincoln Project: Excellence and Access in Public Higher Education, an initiative to advocate for the importance of public colleges and universities across the country, was announced this week and University of California Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau will lead the project.


As public colleges throughout the United States are dealing with declining financial assistance from the state and federal governments, this project will explore financial and other problems that threaten public higher education. Among the goals of the project, named for President Abraham Lincoln to commemorate his role in signing legislation that laid the groundwork for the nation's public university system, will be to develop recommendations that will ensure the strength and diversity of those colleges and universities.


"Public disinvestment and escalating costs are increasingly threatening our vaunted system of public higher education," Birgeneau said. "Without bold steps to stabilize the financial model of our public universities, hundreds of thousands of deserving students will be denied access to a better life and the country's ability to innovate, create jobs and support a strong economy will be severely compromised."


The initiative is sponsored by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. According to Academy President Leslie Berlowitz, "Public universities have provided a special pathway for immigrants and new generations of learners in America. Today, the ability of the system to maintain high quality and access for all qualified applicants is at risk." The initiative will include a series of national conferences and efforts to engage leaders in government and industry who influence education at the state, federal and institutional levels.


Senior advisors to guide the initiative include: Lawrence Bacow, former president of Tufts University; Gene Block, chancellor of the University of California, Los Angeles; Henry E. Brady, dean of Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy; Nancy Cantor, chancellor and president of Syracuse University; John Casteen III, former president of the University of Virginia; Mary Sue Coleman, president of the University of Michigan; Matthew Goldstein, chancellor of the City University of New York; Robert Haas, chairman emeritus of Levi Strauss & Co.; William Powers Jr., president of The University of Texas at Austin; Gerald Rosenfeld, senior adviser and vice chairman of U.S. investment banking at Lazard Ltd.; and Frank Yeary, chairman of CamberView Partners LLC.


New Jersey switching to online applications for contracts


Officials hope to have new system in place to deal with storm damage offerings

Kim Guadagno
Kim Guadagno

New Jersey will soon switch to Web-only applications for bidding on state contracts. With a glut of funding about to be distributed to the state to deal with damages from Hurricane Sandy, contracting opportunities will be plentiful. Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno recently told representatives of dozens of companies seeking government contracts that the new system will modernize and simplify the process. She said the state is getting ready to put the new, privately designed system in place, ending completely all paper applications for state contacts


The State Treasury is currently reviewing proposals for the new system and plans to award a contract within a few months.


Emergency contracts extended for issues such as debris removal and other services related to the immediate necessity of cleanup from the storm and did not require being competitively bid will likely run out about the same time the new system comes online.


While the state currently puts bid opportunities online, a large number of paper applications for contracts are still received. Officials have blamed the complicated paper application process for many of the errors companies make on their applications. Officials say 20 percent of winning contract bids in the last year had errors in them. It is hoped that the online application process will eliminate some of those errors.


Because all of the damage has not been assessed, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has extended the previous deadline for businesses and property owners to report storm losses from the original Jan. 30 to March 1. Officials expect that as many as 2,000 contractors could be matched up with possible contracting opportunities. 


Contracting Opportunities

Upcoming education opportunities


Iowa school district to replace 86-year-old school building

Bill Decker
Bill Decker

Officials with the Muscatine, Iowa, schools recently approved seeking a plan to replace the district's oldest school, an 86-year-old institution, Jefferson Elementary School. Board members hope to replace the building with a new, two-story building. Superintendent Bill Decker said probably 90 percent of the residents who expressed an opinion about the old school focused on replacing the school. The board faced a similar decision in 2001 and decided to leave the school as is for another 10 years. But, last year, the board hired a consultant to study the school and create a plan to address any options for the school. Among the options was a plan to add on to the existing school or build a new facility. But renovations needed at the school would have cost more than $13.9 million and would make the building unusable for two years while those renovations were made. The option selected was to build a new school at the existing site at a cost of about $9.7 million, eventually tearing down the old school.


Idaho school district likely to pursue bond for new high school

With an expected student enrollment increase of some 100 students expected in the near future, officials in the Caldwell, Idaho, School District are expecting to have to build a new high school soon. The current high school is already at capacity. Thus, officials are looking toward the possibility of a $50 million bond election, said Superintendent Pat Charlton. The new school would accommodate 1,800 students. If approved, the facility could be open as early as fall 2016.


Donation to help build new boat house for university in Oklahoma

New BoathouseA $2.5 million gift from MidFirst Bank will help construct the CHK Central Boathouse for the University of Central Oklahoma. As seen in the accompaying artist's rendering, the facility, which will be built on the Oklahoma River, will be home to the Central Women's Rowing team. It will include a live music venue, outdoor performance area and an art gallery making it unique in the Boathouse District on the river. The $2.5 million gift will go to the UCO Foundation, and $2 million of it will go directly to the boathouse project, completing the necessary funding. "Through this appreciated investment, our friends at MidFirst Bank have partnered with us to achieve this university goal. Our presence on the river will contribute to the thriving Boathouse district, offering athletes a place to train and the community and visitors a new venue to experience the arts," said Central President Don Betz. MidFirst officials note that the Boathouse District is creating economic and community impact and has become a destination for visitors and is attracting athletes from around the world. They are hopeful that completion of the boathouse will further enhance the district and provide a place where people can experience everything from sports events to the arts.


Michigan organization requesting state funds for technology needs

An authority that oversees 15 schools in Detroit is seeking an additional $2 million in funds for technology needs to help some of its lowest performing schools. The state's new reform district does not have enough computers to access the state's online curriculum and many of those that do are suffering Internet interruptions while accessing the online content. So the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) in the state is seeking a $2 million advance from its share of state funding. In addition to more computers and better Internet access, the Authority also would use some of the money for a data warehouse that would allow staff to share and monitor student information throughout the district. In addition to most of the funding sought being used for technology, Authority officials said they would also use some of the money for professional development. "There are some technology issues we need to put into place. We just haven't been able to do so," said John Covington, chancellor for the EAA. The EAA curriculum requires students in grades K-9 to log onto a Web site to access math, English, science and social studies lessons. The EAA, created less than a year ago, was begun with private funds, but donations have been short of the Authority's goals, resulting in shortfalls.


North Carolina school district looking at $20M for security

Heath Morrison
Heath Morrison

Officials in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (North Carolina) school district are exploring the costs for security upgrades to its older school buildings. Following the mass casualties from the elementary school shooting last month in Connecticut, officials began assessing school security, said Superintendent Heath Morrison. What officials found is that many of the schools are in need of fencing on their campuses, more surveillance cameras, more secure locks and better single-point school entrances. Morrison said he's looking at the possibility of spending some 2007 bond funds for security upgrades. The superintendent said he is in talks with Mecklenburg County officials to see how much 2007 bond money might be available from projects that might have come in under budget and that were part of the bond proposal. He estimated that putting in place all of the new security measures being studied would cost more than $20 million. The superintendent said the school district is focusing its efforts on implementing security upgrades as soon as possible.


Pittsburg city will contribute toward university track, event center

The city of Pittsburg, Kansas, has indicated that it is prepared to invest $5 million toward an indoor event center and track that will be built at Pittsburg State University. An up-front payment of $1.5 million was approved recently by city commissioners. The remainder of the $5 million will be paid out at a rate of $175,000 per year for 20 years. In exchange, the city will have a lease agreement with the university to share use of the center. The $17 million facility will include a 300-meter track and an 80-yard practice field. Representatives of the city, university and the Convention and Visitors Bureau will maintain a schedule of use for large events.


Oklahoma school district seeking to pass $80M bond referendum

An $80 million school bond issue will be on the ballot in Edmond, Oklahoma, on Feb. 12. The Edmond School District will ask voters to approve the bond issue so it can build three new schools - a high school, middle school and elementary school. If successful, the bond issue would allow for construction of a new $27 million elementary and a $16.5 million middle school while providing funds to purchase a site for the high school. Some of the bond funding would also be used for maintenance of existing facilities.


'RFP Central'


Free listings offered for RFPs to public sector entities, nonprofits

ContractIn response to a suggestion by one of our readers, the Government Contracting Pipeline has begun a pilot program we're calling "RFP Central." Any public sector jurisdiction, from local to state government to public and higher education, as well as nonprofits and other quasi-governmental entities will be allowed to place their RFPs free on our "RFP Central" Web page. Each week, we will use this space to provide a link to the RFPs (and RFIs and RFQs) submitted. The only stipulation is that the RFP posting must be sent in one of two formats - as an original pdf or as a link to the posting of the RFP as it is hosted on your Web site. No other formats will be accepted. We'll try the program - a beta, if you will - to see if we can gauge reader interest in the proposal. Please send your RFP in one of the two formats mentioned previously to This week's RFPs are listed. 


Other upcoming contracting opportunities


Duluth to share $2 million grant with state for wastewater pipe repair

The city of Duluth, Minnesota, has been awarded a $2 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help repair a 3-foot wastewater pipe damaged by a storm last June. The city and state will share the grant that will pay for approximately 75 percent of the repair of the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District pipe. The pipe is used to carry wastewater from a location in Thompson Township to the sanitary district's Knowlton Creek Pump Station in West Duluth.


Dona Ana County looks to purchase land for new 911 center

Sue Padilla
Sue Padilla

Officials in Dona Ana County, New Mexico, are exploring the purchase of land that could be used as a site for a proposed 911 call center. County commissioners are looking at a site along Avenida de Mesilla, but purchase of the site is not a done deal. The site in question has a price tag of $3.9 million, which commissioners will seek to have lowered. The $3.9 million price is competing with land that is already owned by the government, but officials note those sites, too, would incur other costs if used for the center. The county appears to be short about $3 million if it chooses the Avenida de Mesilla site. Interim County Manager Sue Padilla said budget estimates still are being evaluated, but the county is likely to have close to $6 million available, excluding any other money that might stem from the state or other sources. Although the funding is still up in the air, as is the site, the county commissioners did approve beginning preliminary design work for the building. That came after Las Cruces Fire Chief Travis Brown told commissioners that the project will take time, so he is hopeful the action on the facility can begin soon, as it could take two years for the facility to be completed.


Department of Commerce seeking to strengthen security, IT investments

The U.S. Department of Commerce has released a request for information (RFI) seeking vendors with information regarding solutions for centralized enterprise-wide cybersecurity reporting ability across its 90,000 computers. The RFI seeks vendor capabilities across 11 areas and the cost for a managed cyber service. The department is seeking vendor descriptions for a single, common operating picture for security for the department's systems, remediation and response and other centralized functions for monitoring and managing its cybersecurity needs. The RFI is in response to the department's goal of strengthening its security and IT investments. The department in recent years has noted flaws in basic security measures that protect its IT systems and data. Officials within the department expect that properly implemented security practices will help minimize or even prevent cyber attacks. While the department has updated its IT security policy, department officials feel the need to enforce security policies throughout the department and bureau systems. The department seeks information from vendors on how they would collect and consolidate network security status information from different networks across 14 bureaus and detect network intrusion, malware and other maladies and suggest how they might be mitigated. The department is still developing an acquisition strategy.


From Data to Knowledge

Who's winning government contracts?


Check out these recent awards:

  • Bearing Construction Co. has been awarded a $3.2 million contract by the city of Crisfield, Maryland, for construction of a wind turbine next to the city's sewage plant to provide power to the sewage treatment plant.

  • Apollo Inc. won a $5.2 million contract from the town of Bridgeport, Washington, for a project at the town's wastewater treatment plant for construction administration, upgrade design, rehabilitation of a secondary clarifier, contingency fund, PLC and HMI programming for telemetry alarm systems and other costs.

  • ManTech International Corp. has won a $33.5 million contract with the Defense Department's Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office to provide support services including scientific, engineering, technical and administrative support services under the cost-plus-fixed-fee contract, which has a one-year base and two option years

  • The Ruhlin Company will be paid $2.5 million by Kent State University for a contract for consultation fees to oversee some $150 million in construction projects on the university campus, including the new College of Architecture and Environmental Design building, a new facility for the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology, a new multi-disciplinary research facility via renovations to several existing buildings and construction and renovations for the School of Art.

  • JQM Management & Consulting, Inc. won a $542,052 contract from the city of Allen, Texas, for renovation of the city's police department, including the addition of new outdoor evidence storage, expansion of the department's SWAT facilities, remodeling the department's reception area to create space for a new interview room, remodeling areas used for patrol services and report writing, expanding the department's interior evidence room and moving a briefing room from the second floor of the building to its first.

  • Orion Marine Group, Inc. was awarded a $9.003 million from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for maintenance and dredging of the Matagorda Ship Channel in Texas.

  • Alion Science and Technology has won a $24 million contract to provide services in support of the U.S. Army's geospatial battlefield intelligence capabilities by providing geospatial enterprise development, integration and evaluation services to the Army's Geospatial Enterprise, which serves as the knowledge center for analysis of geospatial information and imagery.

  • ITT Exelis has won a $2.2 million contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory for research in support of the current Global Positioning System program and will research the development of a small satellite navigation payload, known as the GPS Navigation Satellite, or GPS NAVSAT, to augment this system.

  • Convergint Technologies has been awarded a $13.4 million contract by the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio to install security cameras and an access control system at all 75 of its elementary schools.

  • Alion Science and Technology has won a $1.5 million contract with the Defense Department to study the impact of potentially reallocating or sharing radio frequency spectrum bands with the commercial sector.
Headlines from around the nation


Senate approves $50.5B for post-Sandy relief, rebuilding


Can collaboration deliver success? 


(To view these stories, click here and look under "Other Views.")


News about public-private partnerships (P3)


UNLV, private sector partner discussing multi-million-dollar complex

Don Snyder
Don Snyder

Officials with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and private developer Majestic Realty are partnering to seek approval for an $800 million to $900 million events center. The project would be part of a university initiative that also plans to add 2,000-3,000 student housing units and 300,000-400,000 square feet of retail space that the private partner would both build and operate.


The private partner officials say the stadium could attract 15 new events annually, bringing $393 million in new dollars into the surrounding area. Don Snyder, UNLV dean of the hotel administration college, called the project a "game-changer."


To help finance the project, UNLV is asking for legislation that would allow a campus-area tax district that could realize revenue from food, beverage and retail sales.


UNLV and the private partner are still working out details on the proposal, but a split in the financing will be part of the deal. They also are exploring ways to recoup their investments, such as through naming rights for the stadium and the sale of suites in the facility. The UNLV Board of Regents will hear about financial issues at its Feb. 28 meeting.


Multi-use building in Mississippi result of public-private partnership

A $4.7 million multi-use development has been announced for the city of Fenton, Mississippi. Corlin Buildings has signed a public-private partnership agreement with the city and the Downtown Development Authority for development of the Cornerstone building that will feature a restaurant and retail on its main floor and three upper floors of residential apartments.


DDA Chairman Craig Schmidt said this type of partnership, including the city, state and a private developer, is the type of project that many communities wish they had. The lease and terms are written so that the DDA will retain ownership of the property whether the project is a success or failure. The ground lease allows the DDA to continue ownership of the property and the developer will have rights to the building. During the length of the 18-month lease, the developer will pay the DDA $500. When construction is complete, ownership of the building will be transferred to the developer for $1. Construction of the facility is expected to take 18 months. 


Funding for the project, too, is a partnership. The developer will furnish $2.2 million toward the project, along with $800,000 in equity. Another $880,000 will be sought through Michigan Community Revitalization Program grants through a loan and grant. DDA will put up about $854,000. The DDA will provide the developer a grant of $330,000, part of which will be used for tenant improvements and a smaller part to assist with construction management of the program. The DDA also will spend more than $176,000 to expand the parking lot at the Fenton Museum and to put in a parking lot at Fenton Square, near the proposed new Cornerstone building.


Mary Scott NabersRecord keeping, reporting, adherence to rules important in public sector...


"Public sector procurement is highly structured. Even in P3 engagements, contracting issues are rigid. Robust record keeping and reporting and adherence to rules are often Collaboration Nation the prime factors by which a procurement will be judged. Contractors should respect the process even though it may seem inefficient at times, but also be confident enough to ask the right questions in a way that is professional and on point."



- From Collaboration Nation, How Public-Private Ventures Are Revolutionizing the Business of Government, by Mary Scott Nabers, President/CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc.  


For more information and to order your copy, click here.


Odds & ends



  • The Maine Department of Education, Office of Special Services, is seeking bids for professional payroll services for a Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator will facilitate the integration of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) into Maine educators' instructional practices as they relate to students with disabilities. The Department of Education will be responsible for recruiting the individual for payroll.
  • The Department of Maine Arts Commission is seeking bids for a new Web site to handle the administration of its grants.

North Dakota

  • The North Dakota Office of the Auditor is seeking bids for financial statement audits for the fiscal years ending 2013, 2014 and 2015 of the Housing Finance Agency and the Housing Incentive Fund under contract with the State Auditor.
  • The North Dakota Department of Human Services is seeking bids for independent verification and validation services for a complex software development and business intelligence effort that will modernize eligibility systems.

South Carolina

  • The South Carolina Department of State Information Technology Administration is seeking bids for development and assistance in the implementation of a statewide Information Security (INFOSEC) program and assistance in immediately identifying and addressing serious information security vulnerabilities.
  • The South Carolina Materials Management Office is seeking offers from qualified vendors on behalf of the South Carolina Insurance Reserve Fund to provide fixed-priced property claims adjustment services and fixed-priced casualty claims adjustment services. All approved and qualified property and casualty claims adjusters will be will be placed on a Qualified Provider List from which cases will be assigned.


  • The Brazos River Authority is seeking bids for a three slip floating boathouse at Lake Granbury. The successful bidder will furnish all labor, materials, tools, equipment and incidentals necessary to satisfactorily design, fabricate, manufacture, furnish, deliver, install, test and place into service the components and complete assemblies for the boathouse, including components, features and accessories as listed in bid documents.
  • The Legislative Budget Board (LBB) has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to pre-qualify vendors to assist the LBB in conducting a variety of performance reviews of Texas school, charter school and community college districts.


  • The State of Nebraska is seeking a qualified contractor or contractors to provide custodial services for the Nebraska Military Department at multiple locations in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • The State of Nebraska is seeking a qualified contractor or contractors to provide a billing feasibility study and pilot project among Nebraska public immunization clinics.
Research Analysts

Where are they now?
Are you a government official who has moved into a new position or to a new agency? Did you recently retire? Were you recently named to an executive-level position at a state-supported college, university or community college? Have you secured a new job as superintendent of a public school? If so, we'd like to hear from you - and so would your friends and colleagues - for our "Where Are They Now" column. Just drop us a line at and let us know about your previous job and where you are now. This week we feature Jodi Jerich.
Jodi Jerich
Jodi Jerich

Jodi Jerich attended Indiana University, where she earned a law degree from the Bloomington Mauer School of Law. She served as policy advisor to former Commissioner Mike Gleason at the Arizona Corporation Commission from 2002 to 2004, becoming familiar with the utilities regulated by the commission and developing a broad background in utilities regulation and energy policy. Jerich then served as chief of staff for the state House of Representatives, where she spent time managing House operations and its $12 million budget. In 2009, Gov. Jan Brewer appointed Jerich as director of the Residential Utility Consumer Office (RUCO), a state agency that represents the interests of residential utility ratepayers in cases that go before the commission. She served in that post for three years. Jerich currently serves on the Arizona State Governing Committee for Tax Deferred Annuities and Deferred Compensation Plan. The committee manages close to $1 billion of state assets for state employees' supplemental defined contribution retirement plans. She was recently tapped as the new executive director of the Arizona Corporation Commission to oversee the operations of the agency's utilities, securities, corporations and hearings divisions.


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Mary Jo WhiteKriner CashWillis WintersMary Jo White (top left), former U.S. attorney and prosecutor in Manhattan, has been tapped by President Barack Obama to become the head of the nation's Securities and Exchange Commission. Dr. Kriner Cash (top center), superintendent of the Memphis City Schools, has resigned, leaving Shelby County Schools Supt. John Aitken with the lead role in the merger of the two districts. Willis Winters (top right) has been selected as the new Dallas park director, a system with more than 100 miles of trails, a nature center, zoo and downtown parks, replacing former director Paul Dyer, who retired in the fall. Bill Walker, executive director of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, has been relieved of his duties and Deputy Director Danny Guice Jr., will continue as interim director, a post he has held since Walker was suspended in December. Joseph J. Resta of Langhorne has been selected as the executive director of the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, bringing more than three decades of public and private sector experience in capital management, strategic planning, government administration and operations experience to the job. Henry Alvarez, executive director of the San Francisco Housing Authority, asked for a leave of absence Friday and indicated that he will not renew his contract, Kristy White Rey Madrigal David Bautista which expires this summer. Kristy White (middle right), Corinth (Mississippi) Area Convention and Visitors Bureau tourism director, has resigned her position and officials are accepting applications for the post. Harlandale (Texas) Independent School District trustees voted unanimously Tuesday night to name the interim superintendent, Rey Madrigal (middle center), as the lone finalist for the permanent job, to succeed Robert Jaklich, who resigned last May. David Bautista (middle left), superintendent of the Woodburn (Oregon) School District, will be leaving that job to take a position with the state Department of Education in April, where he will seek to improve programs for children who speak English as a second language. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has selected Matt Hogan, who joined the service in 2010, as the new Deputy Regional Director for the Mountain-Prairie Region that includes eight states. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has appointed Victor Smith, a former aide to Vice President Dan Quayle, as secretary of the state's Department of Commerce and Eric Doden, who has worked with a private equity firm, as the new CEO of the Indiana Economic Development Corp. The Marlborough (Massachusetts) School Richard Langlois Carol Probstfeld Stacey Butterfield Committee has chosen current Saugus Superintendent Richard Langlois (bottom left) as the next superintendent of the Marlborough Public Schools, to replace former superintendent Dr. Anthony Pope, who resigned last June. State College of Florida has chosen Dr. Carol Probstfeld (bottom center), who has been with the college for 10 years as vice president for business and administrative services or chief business officer, as its new president. Stacey Butterfield (bottom right), who has served in various positions with the Jenks (Oklahoma) Public Schools Board for the last 23 years, most recently as deputy superintendent, has been chosen the district's new superintendent. The City of Tonawanda (New York) Board of Education has selected James Newton, a Tonawanda City School District principal for 15 years who currently supervises the entire secondary complex, as the new district superintendent. Gary Tomsic will retire as Blaine, Washington, city manager at the end of June, leaving a post he has held since 2000, when he was hired to serve as interim city manager before being selected permanently for the post in July of the same year. Russell, Kansas, Interim City Manager Jon Quinday, who also is the city's police chief, has resigned his office with the police department to become city manager full-time.
Public-Private Partnerships

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Calendar of events


AGC 94th Annual Convention set in California in March

The Associated General Contractors of America will hold its 94th Annual Convention March 6-9 at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort in Palm Springs, California. Dr. Peter Diamandis, chair and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, which leads the world in designing and launching large incentive prizes to drive radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity, will be the keynote speaker for the opening general session. Other speakers include Michael Hayden, Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency; Andy Stefanovich, chief curator and provocateur at Prophet; and Matt McFadyen, adventurer and world-class storyteller who addresses adventure, leadership, team work, motivation and inspiration. The convention schedule is available for viewing and registration is now open. The convention program will focus on innovative ways to grow a business, with an emphasis on doing more with less. More information on the conference, including numerous sessions and activities is available.


TxDOT to host 2013 Small Business Briefings across Texas

The Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) Office of Civil Rights-Supportive Services Section will conduct briefing conferences around the state for small, minority- and women-owned businesses providing contract opportunities and information on how to do business with TxDOT and the state. Arlington is the location of the second of four briefings events being offered in fiscal year 2013. The day-long briefings include general industry sessions and specific information on how to do business in the construction, goods and services, information technology and professional engineering service industries. Breakout sessions will cover small and minority-owned business certifications, resources for business development, marketing for state contracts and information on TxDOT toll projects. Each briefing also includes a contracting opportunity fair, industry sessions and a multitude of networking opportunities. Please join us! Briefings include Wednesday, March 20, in Arlington; Tuesday, April 23, in Lubbock and Tuesday, June 11, in East Texas (location to be determined). To register, click here. For more information call 1-866-480-2518, Option 1. For questions regarding the Office of Civil Rights-DBE/HUB/SBE and Supportive Services programs, click here or call 512-486-5510.


P3C, public-private partnership conference, scheduled for Dallas in February

P3C, the Public-Private Partnership Conference, is scheduled for Feb. 21 and 22, 2013, at the Sheraton Downtown Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The event brings together real estate community development professionals and municipal leaders to highlight the latest development trends and opportunities involving public-private partnerships across the United States. The conference is a high-profile setting for municipalities to announce, unveil and discuss upcoming development projects. More than 30 cities and public agencies from across the country will take the stage next year at P3C to showcase their capital projects to a nationwide audience of developers, builders, architects and investors. P3C attendees participate in multiple networking elements within the conference, which provides presenters broad industry exposure to their projects. The agenda is designed to touch upon the most relevant and pressing issues vital to today's successful public-private partnership ventures. The event will bring together more than 65 thought-provoking and engaging speakers to exchange valuable insights with the country's leading development organizations. For more information and to register, visit


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