Volume 3, Issue 29
November 2, 2011
Watch for P3 opportunities related to water

Mary Scott NabersAmerica has a serious public sector problem and solutions are most likely going to come from private sector firms.


Most Americans have never been without clean drinking water and without really thinking about it, most of us take our access to it for granted. However, the pipes that make clean water so available to all 300 million of us were originally intended to remain functional for 50 to 75 years.


Here's the problem - those pipes that provide us with clean water have now been in service for more than 100 years. And, without renewal or replacement, the number of water pipes in the United States that are classified as poor, very poor or life-elapsed will increase from 10 percent to 44 percent by 2020. 




House votes to annul contract law
FCC wants increased high-speed Internet
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House shoots down 3 percent contracting law


Would require government to skim owed taxes off top of contracting payments

Stephen Sandherr
Stephen Sandherr

On the heels of a U.S. House committee shooting down a five-year-old law that requires federal, state and many local governments to withhold 3 percent of their payments to contractors who have not paid all their taxes, the full House has passed the repeal legislation.


The measure was enacted during the George W. Bush administration as a means of hopefully collecting what was reported as billions of dollars in unpaid taxes owed by government contractors. The legislation was to go into effect in 2013. Those who backed repeal of the law say that during a tight economy when jobless figures are high, the law would likely mean some contractors forced to pay back taxes would have less money with which to hire employees, thus stymieing much-needed job creation efforts. Even President Barack Obama favored repealing the law. However, officials of Congress' Joint Committee on Taxation say repealing the law could result in the loss of $11 billion in revenue over the next 10 years.


The bill now goes to the full Senate for a vote. A similar bill was blocked previously in the Senate because of disagreements over an "offset" bill that would help make up for the loss of revenue.


The withholding requirement was passed in 2006 to try to prevent tax evasion among government contractors. Contractors were heavily opposed to the bill. Associated General Contractors of Amercia CEO Stephen E. Sandherr said passage of the requirement would "force construction firms to provide the federal government with interest-free loans at a time when construction activity has declined by $400 billion and unemployment rates stand at over 13 percent. Such a measure would force contractors to cut staff, purchase less equipment and raise bid levels for publicly funded projects, as a survey the association released last week found.


"Given the fact that a majority of Senators have already voted to repeal the tax measure and the president has said forcing contractors to forgo 3 percent of their earnings will hurt the economy, we expect the Senate to act swiftly to repeal this measure. And once that happens, we expect the president will quickly sign this desperately needed legislation into law before the tax withholding mandate significantly damages our economy."


FCC announces plan to increase high-speed Internet


Says result will be 500,000 jobs over next six years in United States

Michael Copps
Michael Copps

High-speed Internet will be expanded to rural and other areas of the country that have slower connections following action on a plan approved by the Federal Communications Commission. The Commission said the new plan is the "most significant policy step ever taken" to ensure that no matter where Americans live, they can connect to high-speed Internet.


As a result of the plan, a new Connect America Fund will be created with an annual budget of no more than $4.5 billion, which FCC officials said would create hundreds of thousands of jobs. The existing Universal Service Fund and intercarrier compensation system will see changes. FCC officials say both were "widely viewed as broken" and in need of reform. FCC officials also contend that the efforts to bring high-speed Internet access to all of the country will increase economic growth by $50 billion over six years.


"As a result, today's action has the potential to be one of the biggest job creators in rural America in decades," the agency said. "The FCC estimates that approximately 500,000 jobs will be created over the next six years by expanding high-speed Internet access to over 7 million Americans living in rural areas."


"In the face of the complex systems we modernize today, it is all too easy to forget the simple, timeless goal behind our policies: all of us benefit when more of us are connected," said FCC Commissioner Michael Copps. "What we are doing is repairing two broken systems and putting in place a more credible and efficient framework that will benefit consumers, carriers and the country. "


Gemini Global Group

Upcoming education opportunities


San Mateo County Community College slates $564 million bond vote

Richard Holober
Richard Holober

Plagued by decreased state funding, the San Mateo County Community College District is hoping to pass a $564 million bond election in November, its third bond issue in 10 years. Previous bond issues were for $468 million in 2005 and $207 million in 2001. "We still have untouched buildings that are 40 to 50 years old," said board President Richard Holober. "We would like to renovate and upgrade them into modern, state-of-the-art buildings." The bond would be used to modernize classrooms, libraries ad other campus buildings at College of San Mateo, Canada College in Redwood City and Skyline College in San Bruno. Additionally, aging infrastructure would be addressed and hazardous materials such as asbestos would be removed and energy-efficient systems would be put in place. The bond would also address replacement of old computers, lab and other equipment. Holober said using the bond proceeds for equipment replacement would mean that general fund revenue could be used for academic programs. The bond measure needs a 55 percent voter majority to pass.


New York school district seeking bids on $27 million school construction

The Holley, New York, school district is seeking bids on a $27 million school construction project that will upgrade the high school side of the middle-high school, replace roofs on that building and the elementary school and raze the current bus garage to build a new transportation facility. Other projects include a new football field, an all-weather track and a variety of other improvements. Other efforts will include moving the cafeteria to the current art and technology space, away from the instruction section of the building. Two courtyards will also be constructed to allow for sunlight in the interior ring of classrooms. Bids are expected to be opened Nov. 8. District officials said they may ask contractors to work two shifts during the summer to minimize construction during the school year. The state will pay for almost 93 percent of the project.


Maryland superintendent seeking $1.49 billion for school projects

Joshua Starr
Joshua Starr

Ignoring requests to trim the capital budget by approximately $34 million, new Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools Superintendent Joshua P. Starr has asked for $1.49 billion to build new schools and renovate current buildings. Some 30 percent of the school's capital funding comes from the state. Starr's proposal includes building two new elementary schools, a middle school, six new elementary school additions and one new middle school addition. Some officials don't think all of the wish list will be funded, and because of that, Starr already is expecting to delay all high school modernization projects for a year. Starr's proposal now has to go to the county Board of Education for approval. The county's most recent capital budget included $4 billion in construction projects.


Clemson board of trustees approves building new architecture center

A 31,000-square-foot, three-story home for Clemson University's architecture center was approved recently by the Board of Trustees. Carrying a price tag of $15 million, the facility will house a graduate program in historic preservation offered with the College of Charleston. The facility will allow Clemson to increase interaction among Charleston-based programs in architecture, landscape architect, city and regional planning and real estate.


South Dakota State to build dorms to meet student population increase

David Chicoine
David Chicoine

South Dakota State is seeking to spend $50 million to build a new student residential facility with up to 800 beds. The college would also add more space to its union to accommodate those additional students. SDSU President David Chicoine said the school already is over 100 percent capacity for first- and second-year students and has more than 150 students residing in apartments that were intended for junior and senior students. The school is working with the regents on building a complex that could include five buildings. The price tag is around $44 million. The expansion of the Union would mean an additional 9,700 square feet. Officials also would like to remodel Hansen Hall for a food service area. To pay off the debt, the college would use student housing rent and food service commissions to pay for the bonds. Chicoine said he hopes the plan can be presented to the regents by December so construction could start next year.


Washington State University seeks $80 million in stadium improvements 

Regents at Washington State University are expected to be asked to approve $80 million worth of improvements to Martin Stadium. Among the improvements is a proposed larger press box with luxury seating. If approved, the project could begin as early as Nov. 21. The 35,000-seat stadium will not have more seats added, but will increase the number of premium boxes and luxury seats, all of which can be sold for higher prices. Another project would create a football operations center that would provide offices in the stadium for coaches, meeting space and more. Those projects are still being designed and will need separate regent approval. Officials are hopeful the improvements can be paid for through increased revenue from the premium seating, through television revenue from the PAC-12 contract and contributions. 


For information about these and other contracting opportunities,

 contact Reagan Weil at 512-531-3900.


November 2011 Tx Bond Election

Other upcoming contracting opportunities


City in Texas to issue request for proposals for waste collection services

Pat Berryman
Pat Berryman

Officials in the city of Georgetown (Texas) have decided not to accept a proposal from the city's current solid waste and recycling provider, but will instead seek bids from all interested vendors. The five-year contract will expire at the end of September of next year. Although the city is not unhappy with the current service or their proposal, District 5 Councilwoman Pat Berryman said her issue is that the contract has "not been bid out in so very long." Because recycling and waste collection has changed so much in recent years, Berryman said she would like to see the city explore all options. Representatives of two other companies were at a recent commission meeting and indicated they would be interested in bidding. A request for proposals will be issued, probably early in 2012, with the results in May.


Contracting opportunities available in areas of New Mexico

A variety of contracting opportunities are available throughout New Mexico. They include:

  • Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service has issued a combined synopsis-solicitation for ultrasound services for Acoma-Canoncito-Laguna Hospital;
  • The Gadsden Board of Education, District No. 19, is requesting bids for 2011 and 2012 trucks and Freightliner MT45 step van or equivalent for PPD;
  • Cooperative Educational Services is requesting bids for Web site design and related technology services; and
  • The Canutillo Independent School District is requesting bids for model 2012 automobile, 4-door sedan.

Florida county seeks company to provide countywide recycling

County commissioners in Sebring, Florida, are releasing an RFP for countywide recycling services. Any company that bids on the project will be asked to build a Recycling Transfer Facility. A committee is expected to be formed later this month to consider and rate the bids. The plan provides for the county to get the first $50 of the estimated $166 per ton for recycled materials and then to share the revenue on the difference with the vendor, with the county taking an additional 74 percent of the gross revenue. There will be a mandatory meeting for all bidders on Nov. 10, and deadline for proposals is Jan. 11, 2012.


Stadium site, funding for Minnesota Vikings still under discussion

Mark Dayton
Mark Dayton

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and members of the legislature said they need more time to decide on site and funding options for a possible new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. The lease that is keeping the Vikings in the Metrodome and Minnesota ends after only a few more home games. Given a possible upcoming budget deficit, lawmakers and Dayton are hoping to wrap up some kind of deal by Thanksgiving. The sell will not be easy for a $1 billion facility that will also depend on a half-billion dollars in public funds. The state's share would be approximately $300 million. Team owners have pledged more than $400 million and the remainder would have to come from a private sector partner. Nothing is set in stone yet, but some organizations already are voicing opposition to any efforts to expand gambling, raise taxes or tap funds from a dedicated cultural heritage account as a means to raise the money.


Numerous contracting opportunities available in El Paso area

A variety of contracting opportunities are available in the El Paso, Texas, area. They include:

  • The University of Texas at El Paso is requesting bids for Jamba Juice/Mein Bowl construction project;
  • The Texas Department of Transportation is requesting bids for local-let maintenance contracts, El Paso County, culvert and storm sewer cleaning;
  • The University of Texas at El Paso is requesting bids for nanofiltration system;
  • The Texas Department of Transportation is requesting bids for construction of Texas Department of Public Safety - Lubbock Regional Office; and
  • The International Boundary and Water Commission has issued a presolicitation for rehabilitation of the Upper Brownsville Levee in Cameron County, mandatory site visit to be announced.

Minnesota city seeks bonding for new city hall project

The Cottage Grove, Minnesota, City Council is issuing a request for proposals for private placement of $9.9 million in bonds to help defray the costs of a proposed $15.7 million city hall. The city is seeking proposals from financial institutions to finance the city hall and the city will negotiate directly with a banking institution for the sale of bonds to finance the project. Financing is expected to be in place by November.


Virginia Port Authority to outsource some security services to save money

Approximately 60 percent of the sworn police officers who are part of the Virginia Port Authority will be replaced by next June. The 45 of a total of 71 officers will be replaced by contract security guards as a way of saving money. Officials say these cuts, coupled with early retirement offers and layoffs, will save the port authority between $1 million and $2 million per year. The officers to be replaced generally are police officers who work the gates at the marine cargo terminals. They will be replaced by unarmed security guards. A smaller group of sworn officers will be kept on to patrol areas inside the gates. Officials say the use of hybrid sworn officer-security guards has been used successfully in other major ports.


Illinois tollway planning more than $240 million in construction

Paula Wolff
Paula Wolff

Thanks to an almost doubling of tolls that will go into effect in January of next year, the Illinois Tollway is planning to spend $241 million on new projects in 2012. The recently released $973 million budget shows the tollway is planning $607 million in capital projects, some of which mark the beginning of the agency's 15-year, $12.1 billion construction plan. Tollway revenue is expected to jump $293 million, up from last year's $680 million. Tollway Chair Paula Wolff said the entity is being as "open and honest" as it can about how toll funds are being spent. Tollway officials said the budget includes a decrease in energy consumption by approximately $1 million and reduced insurance costs of a like amount. Among the projects planned in the new year are:

  • An interchange at the Tri-State Tollway (Interstate 294) and I-57 in the south suburbs;
  • Construction of an interchange at Illinois Route 47 on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90); and
  • Bridge and shoulder widening in advance of the I-90 rebuilding and widening work scheduled to begin in 2013. 


Town in Connecticut discussing possible new public works facility

Selectmen of the town of Hebron (Connecticut) are considering whether to use leftover funding in their Capital Improvement Plan to begin design work and studies for a new Public Works facility. The existing facility has been deemed unsafe, overcrowded and would not likely pass building codes. The fund currently has $132,000 in the account that had originally been scheduled to be used for a salt/sand shed the town does not consider a critical need. Officials plan to examine a similar facility in Coventry before making further plans on its own facility.  


Illinois emergency entities receive grant funds from Terrorism Task Force

Four law enforcement, fire and emergency management entities in Illinois have been named recipients of grant funds through the Illinois Terrorism Task Force. Here's how the grants break out:

  • The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office will receive $10,355.50;
  • The Mt. Vernon Fire Department will receive $4.340;
  • The Mt. Vernon Police Department was allocated $9,881; and
  • The Mt. Vernon Emergency Management Agency is due $32,420.

Jefferson County Sheriff Roger Mulch said the grant funds his department received will be used for radios in a switch to narrow band. City officials say they will use the funds for portable radio units. The Federal Communications Commission has mandated all non-federal public safety licenses using 25 kHz radio systems migrate to narrowband 12.5 kHz channels by Dec. 31, 2012.


Mississippi county seeking bids on circuit courthouse construction

The Board of Supervisors in Purvis, Mississippi, have approved advertising for bids for a major reconstruction project for Lamar County's Circuit Courthouse. Bids will be opened Dec. 1. Officials are expecting a price tag cap of approximately $4.5 million. The architect, however, said the project is more likely to come in at approximately $3.6 million. Furnishing and equipment for the courthouse are estimated to cost $233,600 and other fees and costs will total $105,000. The original courthouse was built in 1905 and opened a year later. Following a major fie, it was rebuilt and opened again in 1934. Another project was completed in 1956 in which two additions were added. The original clock tower that was destroyed by the fire will be reconstructed and two of the four entrances that were original to the building will be reopened.  


For information about these and other contracting opportunities,

 contact Reagan Weil at 512-531-3900.


Contracting Opportunities

Who's winning the contracts?

Want to know who your competition is? Who was awarded the contract on a particular project? Below are listed some recent winners of major government contracts:  


  • The Thompson-Arthur Division of APAC-Atlantic has been awarded a $4 million contract by the North Carolina Department of Transportation for widening and paving 17 miles of roadway in Alamance and Caswell counties in North Carolina;
  • Dobson Davanzo & Associates of Vienna, Virginia, won a $5 million contract from the General Services Administration for professional, administrative and management support services;
  • Global Integrated Security (USA) of Reston, Virginia, won a $480 million contract from the Army for the reconstruction security support services;
  • Michael Baker Engineering, Inc., a unit of Michael Baker Corporation, has been awarded an approximately $5 million contract by the North Carolina Department of Transportation to provide construction engineering and inspection services for the I-85 Corridor Improvement Project in Davidson County, North Carolina;
  • Harris Corporation will provide system and software development services for the Enhance the Veteran Experience and Access to Healthcare (EVEAH) initiative by the Department of Veterans Affairs and was awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) - a one-year base contract, with a one-year option for service orders, and a ceiling of $199.6 million;
  • Moss & Associates, part of the joint venture building the new Florida Marlins ballpark, has been awarded an $80 million contract with Skanska USA  to expand and renovate the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport terminal in South Carolina;
  • Treviicos South of Charleston, Massachusetts, was awarded a $5 million contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District, to complete work on a 3,300-foot section of cutoff wall installation on a portion of the dike near Port Mayaca in Florida;
  • Bauer Foundation Corp. of Odessa, Florida, has been awarded a $4.7 million contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District, to finish work on a 2,450-foot section of cutoff wall installation near Belle Glade, Florida;
  • National Place Lease Co. of Washington, D.C., won a $57 million contract from the General Services Administration for lease or rental of facilities;
  • The Babcock & Wilcox Co's. construction business received a contract worth about $37 million to help install a dust collection system at Consumers Energy's J.H. Campbell Generating Complex near West Olive, Michigan, and will also supply flues, insulation and structural steel for the 400 megawatt, coal-fired unit's dust collection system; and
  • L&N Bridge LLC, of Antlers, Oklahoma, has been awarded an $8 million contract from the Texas Department of Transportation to replace the Austin Avenue viaduct over railroad tracks in downtown Denison, Texas.
Did you miss TGI?

News about public-private partnerships (P3s)


University of Kentucky to expand student housing efforts

Eli Capilouto
Eli Capilouto

A $30 million residence hall that would open in 2013 is part of a larger plan by the University of Kentucky to remake and expand its student housing, and the university is seeking a public-private partnership to build the facility. The developer would build and own the dorm and receive rent from students. The developer would pay UK $5.3 million over 11 years to pay off the university's debt on other residence halls. Once the ground lease expires, UK could purchase the building from the developer. The overall goal, according to UK President Eli Capilouto, is to create a campus of modern residence halls with a total of 9,000 beds. Those facilities would replace the existing facilities that house a little over 5,000 beds. Capilouto said the final cost for dorms, research buildings and student support facilities could be $400 million to $500 million. That's less than the $1 billion a recent report said would be required to upgrade the entire aging UK campus. The expansion would allow the university to move closer to its goal of getting more freshmen and sophomores to live on campus. Currently, 88 percent of freshmen live on campus their first year, but only 24 percent of all underclassmen live there.


California transportation project seeks private sector developer
The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) are seeking a public-private partnership for a transportation project that will consist of replacing portions of the existing Doyle Drive facilities on Route 101 in the City of San Francisco, which serves as the south access to the Golden Gate Bridge, along the northern edge of the City of San Francisco, with a new six-lane parkway-type roadway and a southbound auxiliary lane. It will be located between the Park Presidio Interchange and the new Presidio access at Girard Road. The project will also include operation and maintenance of all of the replaced Doyle Drive facilities. The two entities are seeking a developer to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the project. The developer would be compensated through an Availability Payment Mechanism that could include other components.


Public-Private Partnerships

Odds & Ends


Some contracting opportunities from across the country:


North Carolina 

  • McDowell County has issued an RFQ for engineering services related to the development of a water intake and treatment plant site adjacent to Lake James in McDowell County.
  • Forsyth Technical Community College has issued an RFP for the 48-month lease of printers.
  • Mecklenburg County is accepting proposals for Local Management Entity (LME) Managed Behavioral HealthCare Software and associated hardware and services.
  • The State of North Carolina Department of Administration is seeking bids to establish an Agency Specific Term Contract with one or more qualified bidder(s) to furnish and deliver metal detectors on an "as needed" basis if and when ordered by all state agencies, departments, institutions, universities, community colleges, public schools units (except those exempted by statute) and certain non-state agencies during the contract period.


  • Placer County is soliciting sealed Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from Geotechnical Engineering firms to provide geotechnical engineering design services and materials testing services for various public works projects. Work may include design of roadway structural sections, foundation recommendation and design for bridges, geotechnical reports, materials testing, erosion control, expert witness services or geotechnical design of other public works facilities associated with the existing county road system.
  • San Luis Obispo County is seeking bids for professional services sought from a lawyer or law firm interested in providing legal services on a contractual basis to the Civil Service Commission in certain quasi-judicial proceedings in which the County Counsel will be appearing as counsel for a particular department or agency. The lawyer or law firm may be requested to provide training to the Civil Service Commission on topics such as the Brown Act, due process and Peace Officer Bill of Rights. 


  • The Virginia Department of Transportation is seeking expressions of interest from consultant engineering firms who wish to be considered to provide professional engineering services for Hampton Roads District providing construction engineering inspection under a fixed billable rate contract. It is anticipated that two contracts (Contract I and Contract II) will be awarded under the "Multiple Award" procurement process. These contracts will be for a two-year contract period with optional two one-year renewable terms. The proposed two-year contract will have a total maximum compensation not to exceed $5 million per term.
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia has released an RFP soliciting sealed proposals from qualified providers to establish a term contract with one contractor to provide physical therapy services for individuals at Central Virginia Training Center (CVTC) in Lynchburg.

 For information about these and other funding opportunities,

 contact Reagan Weil at 512-531-3900.


Where are they now?
 Are you a government official who has moved into a new position or to a new agency? Did you recently retire? Were you recently named to an executive-level position at a state-supported college, university or community college? Have you secured a new job as superintendent of a public school? If so, we'd like to hear from you - and so would your friends and colleagues - for our "Where Are They Now" column. Just drop us a line at and let us know about your previous job and where you are now. This week we feature Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D.


Jonathan ReichentalJonathan Reichental, Ph.D., has a decade of experience at the forefront of technology and innovation in the private sector. He earned his bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Dublin Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree in computer information systems from the University of Tampa John H. Sykes College of Business. In 2003, he was awarded his master's degree in management information systems from Nova Southeastern University, and earned his Ph.D. in information systems from Nova Southeastern in 2006. Reichental spent 2001 to 2006 as a senior manager in software engineering for PricewaterhouseCoopers. From 2005 to 2007, he also served as adjunct professor at Florida Metropolitan University. He became director of IT Innovations at PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2006, and served in that capacity until 2010. The technology expert then signed on as chief information officer for O'Reilly Media in August of last year. Reichental was recently named chief information officer for the city of Palo Alto, where he will head the city's information technology agency and the city's technology initiatives, beginning Dec. 13. 


Opportunity of the week... 

Mississippi city officials have given their approval for the addition of an $11.3 million indoor aquatic facility. Next steps will include several months for architectural design and then soliciting bids for construction on the 45,000-square-foot swim complex. Want to know more? Contact Reagan Weil at 512-531-3900 or


Leo LongoriaLiang Chee WeeRobert AriasPolice Chief Leo Longoria (top left) of the Mission (Texas) Police Department will retire at the beginning of next year, bringing a 25-year career with the department to an end, his last 16 years as chief. Dr. Liang Chee Wee (top middle), who joined the Calmar Campus of Northeast Iowa Community College in 2007 as provost and has served as interim president since July, has been appointed president, replacing Dr. Penny Wills, who left to become president of Yavapai College in Arizona. Robert Arias (top right), deputy superintendent of the Los Angeles area Rowland Unified School District, has been chosen as lone finalist for the superintendent's post in the Bakersfield (California) School District, bringing an education career that dates back to 1986 when he began as a teacher. The St. Charles Board of Education has chosen Jeff Marion, who has 23 years of experience in education as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and most recently as assistant superintendent of human resources at St. Charles School District, as the district's new superintendent, to replace Randal Charles in July 2012. Mavra Kear, an advanced practice nurse who coordinates the four-year bachelor's program for nurses at Polk State College (Florida) has been elected president of the Florida Tim RyleThom BaynumJoan BaillieNurses Association. Norman Ward, M.D., associate professor at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, has been chosen as president-elect of the Vermont Medical Society, and will assume the presidency next fall. Round Rock (Texas) Assistant Police Chief Tim Ryle (middle right), who has been with the police department for 28 years and served under four police chiefs, has been promoted to chief by City Manager Steve Norwood. Thom Baynum (middle center), president of the Coastal Bend College in Beeville (Texas) will leave at the end of December to assume the presidency at Black Hawk College, a community college in Moline, Illinois. Joan M. Baillie (middle left), provost and chief academic officer of the Salem Community College (New Jersey), has been chosen to serve as interim president of the college, effective Jan. 1, 2012, when current President Peter B. Contini steps down after 14 years. Jeffrey Schumann, deputy superintendent of Newington public schools in Connecticut, has been appointed by the board of education as the next superintendent of schools. John A Pond, captain and a 17-year veteran of the Holyoke (Massachusetts) Fire Department, has been chosen by the Fire Commission to be the city's first permanent Thomas KlincarDana ShigleyEd Mitchellfire chief in two years, following the retirement of former Chief David A. LaFond. Austin, Texas, Assistant Police Chief John Hutto has been chosen as the new police chief in Fort Collins, Colorado, replacing Dennis Harrison, who stepped down last spring and has been named a finalist for police chief in Castle Rock. Former John Wood Community College (Illinois) President Thomas Klincar (bottom left) has been chosen as the next chancellor of the Texas State College in Killeen, to replace Chancellor James Anderson, who is retiring in January after 25 years of service. Dana Shigley (bottom center), city manager in Anderson, California, who for the last 11 years has served in that capacity as well as finance director, grants manager, redevelopment agency executive director and assistant city manager, has been chosen as the new city manager for the City of American Canyon, California. West Palm Beach (Florida) City Administrator Ed Mitchell (bottom right) has applied for the county administrator post in Sarasota and is one of field of 45 applicants that will soon be narrowed down. Dr. Cheryl Wilson, superintendent of the Socorro (New Mexico) Consolidated Schools District, has resigned her post, saying she wants to spend more time with her family. Portland (Maine) police Lt. Anthony Ward, a 26-year veteran of the Portland force, has been chosen by the Selectmen of Sabattus to become the town's new police chief, replacing former Chief Thomas Fales, who retired in June.


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Calendar of events


Rendell, Carter to highlight NLC Congress of Cities, Exposition

The National League of Cities Congress of Cities and Exposition is scheduled for Nov. 9-12 in Phoenix. NBC News analyst and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and eco-entrepreneur Majora Carter will speak at the Opening General Session. There will be concurrent conferences on economic development, green cities, infrastructure and a Summit on Your City's Families. There will be a number of Leadership Training Institute Seminars throughout the conference as well as exhibits. To view the agenda, click here. For more information, click here.


School Equipment Show slated in San Antonio beginning Nov. 30

The National School Supply and Equipment Association will host its School Equipment Show Nov. 30-Dec. 2 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. There will be three days of exhibits, sales meetings and education sessions. Products exhibited will include bleachers, lockers, scoreboards, athletic fixtures, classroom seating, computer furniture, preschool furniture, flooring, audio-visual equipment, lab equipment, building materials, lighting, plumbing fixtures, security systems, maintenance equipment, construction materials, playground equipment and more. To view the schedule of events, click here. For exhibitor information, click here.


Fourteen speakers slated for upcoming P3 workshop on real estate, energy

Fourteen speakers - including David Berteau of the Center for Strategic and International Studies and Dr. Dorothy Robyn, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense - have been announced for "PPPs for the Federal Government: Real Estate and Energy Projects," a workshop sponsored by the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships, to be held Nov. 9-10 in Arlington, VA. Cynthia Anderson of the U.S. Department of Energy will be participating in the event and discussing energy parks. The federal budget, aging administrative infra­structures and new energy policies are all creating a dynamic climate for the use of public-private partnerships in several major federal agencies. Senior administration and industry representatives will outline what can and should be done. Sponsorships are available. For more information, click here. 


KC Business Central hosting Minority Business Forum 

Kansas City Business Central will host a Minority Business Forum on Wednesday, Nov. 9, that includes a panel of minority- and women-owned business experts who will discuss their successes and the resources available to others. Panelists include: Michael L. Barrera, attorney and former president and CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Consuela McCain-Nunnaly, director of Diversity Business Connection of the Greater KC Chamber; CiCi Rojas, president of Community Engagement with Truman Medical Center; and Daryl Williams, director of Research at the Kauffman Foundation. For more information contact Heather Nicolosi at


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