May 6th 2015 | Posted in Education by Government Contracting Pipeline

Photo by Joe Wolf is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Photo by Joe Wolf is licensed under CC BY 2.0

State funds totaling $128.7 million will be shared by more than 65 schools in Arkansas for building projects and upgrades and renovations, thanks to a state school facilities panel. The funding, which is for the 2015-16 school year, will help pay for more than a dozen new schools along with roofing, ventilation, fire alarm and other system replacements. Private-sector vendors of all sizes will have a variety of procurement opportunities as a result of the funding.

The allocations are part of a plan that began 10 years ago to upgrade and modernize public schools in the state after an Arkansas Supreme Court declared the schools in the state unconstitutional because the schools were not equal or adequate.

The largest allocation from the facilities panel was to the Manila School District. School officials there will use their more than $14 million in funding to build a new high school. The contribution from the state will cover 80 percent of the project construction costs.

The second-largest allocation was to the Buffalo Island Central School District, which will receive more than $11.1 million. Those funds will be used to build a new kindergarten through 12th grade campus.

Some of the other allocations include:

  • Cutter Morning Star District – $5.171 million for construction of a new high school;
  • Vilonia School District – $1.519 million for a new auditorium at the Vilonia High School;
  • Sloan-Hendrix District – $1.375 million for an elementary school wing addition;
  • Fordyce School District – $1.325 million for high school HVAC, electric and fire alarm upgrades;
  • Farmington School District – $7.093 million for phase two of a new high school;
  • Arkadelphia School District – $3.737 million for a new middle school;
  • Bismark School District – $1.335 million for districtwide HVAC replacements; and
  • Sheridan School District – $4.97 million for Sheridan High School additions and renovations.

To view the complete list of funding allocations for Arkansas school construction projects, click here. For information about education-related procurement opportunities, contact the Strategic Partnerships, Inc. team.