Sep 8th 2016 | Posted in News, Transportation by Government Contracting Pipeline

banner2The Department of Transportation launched the first model of a National Transit Map, an open data map with information from 270 agencies detailing nearly 400,000 stops and stations on nearly 10,000 routes. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said that the transit map assembles information provided by local agencies into a national geospatial interface.

“With this information in hand, DOT, planning agencies and researchers can do a far better job of demonstrating the importance and role of transit in American society, and identify and address gaps in access to public transportation,” Foxx wrote at the time.

DOT officials have expressed their hope that this open data platform will also encourage the development of apps and other improvements from private industries, as well as an increased pedestrian use for public transit. The release of the map signals a step forward in open data platforms advancing public safety and private innovation.

Including routes and schedules from about one-third of American transportation agencies, this first version of the map reflects over 80 percent of the top US transit agencies. An updated version of the map is slated for a release later in 2016.

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