Feb 11th 2015 | Posted in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) by Government Contracting Pipeline

Potential bidders are being sought by the management of Denver International Airport (DIA) to bring innovative ideas to the table regarding the possibility of converting some areas of Jeppesen Terminal Great Hall for commercial use.

Logo for Denver International Airport, which is seeking a partner for converting the Jeppesen Terminal Great Hall to commercial use

Officials are hoping to open up new revenue streams by creating space for businesses like shops and restaurants. Seeking a public-private partnership (P3/PPP), DIA management says it is looking for a private-sector partner to propose a physical plan and how to finance it.

This would not be the first public-private partnership for DIA. The airport currently features large solar arrays that are used to help provide power at the airport. They were the result of a P3/PPP that cost the airport very little, but has yielded significant benefits.

A spokesperson for the airport said P3/PPP arrangements allow the private entity to bring its expertise and financing to the deal. That is what the airport is hoping for in its efforts to recreate the Jeppesen Terminal Great Hall. The airport project would include rearranging Level 6 and relocating the TSA security checkpoint that takes up much of Level 5.

The push for allowing more retail is because non-airline-related revenues such as food and beverages, parking, etc. made up close to 50 percent of DIA’s operating revenue last year. Regarding financing the project, the airport will be looking for the best partner, such as equity firms, contractors, developers and others.

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