Dec 16th 2016 | Posted in Texas Government Insider by Texas Government Insider

Corpus Christi officials announced chemical contamination in the city’s water supply on Wednesday. Residents were asked not to drink or bath in tap water after an asphalt emulsifying agent was leaked in the water supply.

Officials said between three and 24 gallons of Indulin AA86 were believed to be released in a backflow incident that contaminated the water distribution system near the 6700 block of Up River Road. Local school districts canceled classes and a group of businesses filed a lawsuit against companies connected with the contamination.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s office issued a statement that said the governor’s office is aggressively monitoring the situation and coordinating with state agencies to handle the matter as swiftly as possible. “Governor Abbott’s top priority is a transparent response and the safety of Corpus Christi residents, and our office will continue to provide any and all support to remedy this situation as quickly as possible.”

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) spokesperson Andrew Morrow said in a statement that the state agency was coordinating with local and federal agencies and sampling to determine the extent of potential impact. Late Thursday, TCEQ and city officials cleared a portion of the city to resume water usage.

Texas Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) officials announced the State Operations Center in Austin has elevated its activation level to Level III and is helping Corpus Christi officials respond to the incident. The DPS Texas Division of Emergency Management is helping to coordinate shipments of drinking water and helping place water distribution pods in the impacted areas. Texas Highway Patrol personnel and emergency management staff have been deployed to the area along with TCEQ.