Sep 26th 2014 | Posted in News, Opportunities, Water Projects by Texas Government Insider

Photo by  cliff1066 is licensed under  CC BY 2.0

Photo by cliff1066 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The city of Corpus Christi and Port Industries in that city are continuing toward possible construction of a desalination plant in the city. Port Industries uses some 40 percent of the city’s water supply and the two have been discussing an alternate source of water, particularly since the city has been in some of its worst drought conditions in its history.

In the interest of maintaining a reliable water source, desalination looked like a viable option. Officials now expect that an agreement between the city and Port Industries will soon be signed so that the two can move forward with plans for a desalination plant. After that agreement is signed, contractors and developers interested in building a desal plant will be sought.

Officials expect the plant to be privately financed, with refineries and port industries paying for the desalinated water. Both the city and Port Industries have indicated they are ready to move forward, but a key factor will be the cost. If things remain on track, officials expect they could be seeking developers and contractors for the project by next year.