Nov 3rd 2017 | Posted in State by J Lyn Carl

“This is not a closed book – this is a work in progress.” That is Gov. Greg Abbott’s take regarding ongoing state efforts to secure billions of additional federal dollars to help address damages and destruction left behind when Hurricane Harvey swept over parts of Texas in August. At a press conference Wednesday, Abbott spoke […]

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Sep 1st 2017 | Posted in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) by J Lyn Carl

Dozens of state and local transportation officials met with Trump administration Cabinet members at the White House this week to hear information first-hand regarding the president’s proposed $1 trillion infrastructure plan. Much of the conversation centered on incentives for private-sector investment that would divest cities and states of responsibility for some public infrastructure. One county […]

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Jan 6th 2017 | Posted in State by J Lyn Carl

Thousands of bills go through each session of the Texas Legislature. Some are subject to interpretation. Unfortunately, some are also subject to misinterpretation. Part of Senate Bill 20 from the 84th Texas Legislature falls on the side of misinterpretation. The objective of the legislation, as outlined in the statement of intent in the bill analysis […]

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Jul 22nd 2016 | Posted in Education by J Lyn Carl
Image showing a child in RRISD's NextGen classrooms pilot program
Photo: Round Rock Independent School District

While some public schools strive for 1-to-1 technology in their classrooms, where every student is issued a computer device for use at school and at home, the Round Rock Independent School District is instead focusing on integrating instructional technology in developing “next-generation classrooms.” The result of Round Rock ISD’s experiment with classroom technology is its Next Generation […]

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Jul 20th 2016 | Posted in Transportation by J Lyn Carl
Photo: California Department of Transportation

Transportation officials nationwide are turning to technology solutions to address both safety issues and highway network congestion mitigation. One of the available solutions is becoming a growing trend among state and local governments – the use of smart signs. Just this week, state departments of transportation (DOTs) in Colorado and California announced the testing and […]

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Jul 15th 2016 | Posted in News by J Lyn Carl
Photo of a

Spend some time exploring a floating cabin in the Gulf of Mexico that is “home” to men and women – and often their K9 partners – searching for those who violate Texas laws. Ride along as a handful of often unheralded heroes rescue victims from deadly floodwaters in Texas. They’re the men and women who […]

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Jul 13th 2016 | Posted in Transportation by J Lyn Carl
Photo of traffic on the I-95 North corridor, one of the projecs receiving 2016 FASTLANE grants
Traffic Backup on I-95 North at the Intersection with the Downtown Expressway in Richmond

Nearly 20 transportation projects throughout the country will share $759 million in U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) grant funding to support highway, bridge and freight projects. The money is awarded through the FASTLANE grant program, which was appropriated $800 million by Congress in last year’s surface highway transportation bill. The 2016 FASTLANE grants will help […]

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Jun 29th 2016 | Posted in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) by J Lyn Carl
Image of a mixed-use P3 development project
Photo by Brett VA is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Nestled in the middle of a planned $20 million mixed-use development in North Carolina that features a four-story office building with a two-story parking deck will sit a $3 million fire station. That’s right, a fire station! Aptly named The Station at East 54, this particular fire station in Chapel Hill is an example of […]

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Mar 23rd 2016 | Posted in Transportation by J Lyn Carl
Logo for the Oregon Department of Transportation, which changed rules governing the Oregon Innovative Partnerships Program

State DOT simplifies processes, rules to encourage transportation P3s Simplify and streamline … that’s what Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) officials had in mind with their recent revisions to the department’s administrative rules governing the Oregon Innovative Partnerships Program (OIPP). The OIPP is responsible for developing partnerships with private entities to help secure state transportation […]

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Dec 3rd 2015 | Posted in Transportation by J Lyn Carl
Image of a gavel signifying the passage of a bill that will provide $305B in federal transportation funding
Photo by PRSA-NY is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A last-minute procedural rule on the floor of the U.S. Senate Thursday night threatened to derail the $305 billion federal transportation bill that sailed through the House earlier in the day. A point of order was called when the conference committee bill was brought up on the Senate floor because the House and Senate-negotiated bill […]

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Sep 4th 2015 | Posted in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) by J Lyn Carl

  A new law took effect on Sept. 1 that will soon offer significant resources to public entities interested in outside assistance in launching public-private partnerships (P3s) in Texas. And, Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) Executive Director Harvey Hilderbran (pictured) says he plans to “champion” the program. A new Center for Alternative Finance and Procurement was […]

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Aug 31st 2015 | Posted in News by J Lyn Carl
Photo by Kevin Cortopassi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Banking on a large voter turnout in the November 2016 election, a group is considering sponsoring yet another California water bond as a four-year drought continues its stranglehold on the state. Voters approved a $7.5 billion California water bond less than a year ago, and now comes word that a document is being circulated to […]

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Aug 27th 2015 | Posted in Transportation by J Lyn Carl
Photo by FontFont is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There’s a new kind of gridlock in Washington, D.C. The gridlock most often mentioned in the nation’s capital relates to the inability of members of Congress to reach consensus on legislation affecting many critical national issues. It seems that more often than not, partisan politics has resulted in many vital pieces of legislation either being […]

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Aug 14th 2015 | Posted in Legislation/Policy by J Lyn Carl

Chris Christie is not opposed to public-private partnerships (P3s). In fact, the New Jersey governor actually supports them…sees their advantages to both the state and taxpayers…encourages more agencies in his state to use them. So, why did he sign veto the New Jersey P3 bill recently approved by the New Jersey State Legislature? Because he’d […]

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Aug 12th 2015 | Posted in Transportation by J Lyn Carl

In spite of opposition from a former city auditor, the cost-sharing proposal between the city of Denver and the state of Colorado has been signed and the Interstate 70 overhaul can move forward. The $1.2 billion project, the largest in Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) history, calls for the widening of I-70 from six to […]

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Aug 7th 2015 | Posted in News by J Lyn Carl
Photo from the Texas Department of Transportation

As a high school student in the mid-80s, a young John Barton hired on for a summer job as a maintenance worker with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Since that time, a lot of water has run under a lot of Texas bridges for Barton and more than a few miles have been traveled […]

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Jul 31st 2015 | Posted in Infrastructure, Transportation by J Lyn Carl
Photo by Formula None is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here we go again…and just under the wire. With one day left before authorization of funding for the federal Highway Trust Fund was set to expire, the U.S. Senate Thursday passed a House bill representing yet another stop-gap, short-term extension. Money for the nation’s road and transit projects at the federal, state and local levels […]

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Jul 22nd 2015 | Posted in Transportation by J Lyn Carl
Photo by Flazingo Photos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The road to a long-term federal highway funding bill just hit a major pothole. Less than a week after the U.S. House of Representatives passed a short-term bill to extend federal highway spending to December, two members of the U.S. Senate Tuesday reached what Sen. Barbara Boxer (left) called a “breakthrough” deal on proposed legislation. […]

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Jul 21st 2015 | Posted in Transportation by J Lyn Carl

With both the U.S. House and Senate currently trying to hammer out a transportation bill that will extend the Highway Trust Fund before a July 31 deadline, some transportation officials are looking ahead to how those funds can best be leveraged. As the nation faces deteriorating highways and bridges, growing deferred maintenance and the need […]

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Apr 9th 2015 | Posted in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) by J Lyn Carl
Logo for PennDOT

If you’ve got an innovative idea for a transportation project in Pennsylvania, the doors to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) are open! But, hurry. That door closes on Thursday, April 30. This week, PennDOT’s Office of Public-Private Partnerships (P3s/PPPs) announced it is accepting unsolicited public-private partnership proposals from the private sector for projects that […]

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Jan 30th 2015 | Posted in Opportunities, Vertical by J Lyn Carl
Sacramento County, CA flag

There’s a building boom going on in Sacramento – and the result is a huge uptick in construction activity and job opportunities. A former soup company facility will now become a warehouse facility for a major retailer, thanks to tax incentives from the city, and will create about 300 jobs.  Bonney Field, a soccer stadium […]

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Jan 12th 2015 | Posted in Legislation/Policy, News, State by J Lyn Carl
Photo by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

When Texas lawmakers gather this week for the 84th session of the Texas Legislature, they will know how much is in the state’s wallet to spend on the 2016-17 biennial budget. Or at least they’ll have a good idea. Newly elected Texas State Comptroller Glenn Hegar today announced the 2016-17 revenue estimate at $113 billion. […]

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Dec 3rd 2014 | Posted in Infrastructure by J Lyn Carl
Caltrans logo

Traffic congestion – and the frustration that goes with it – is mounting. Record population growth nationwide means more vehicles on roadways already in need of repair. Funding that once flowed from the federal government to the states and from the states to local government entities has been reduced to a trickle. Absent necessary funding […]

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Nov 20th 2014 | Posted in Public-Private Partnerships (P3), Technology by J Lyn Carl
Photo courtesy of CityBridge

Coming to New York City – the largest, fastest, free municipal Wi-Fi network in the world. So long, pay phones! Hello, high-tech! Appropriately called LinkNYC, this first-of-its-kind program will trade the antiquated pay phones in the city for Link structures (as seen in accompanying photo) offering Wi-Fi technology that not only provides New Yorkers, visitors […]

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