Feb 17th 2015 | Posted in Technology by Dawn Doyle
Photo by Abdullah AlBargan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It is the concept of the self-driving car that continually grabs the headlines. The Federal Highway Administration even intends to award multiple contracts for concept development. Nevertheless, it is the Internet-connected car that is changing the marketplace. Already, connected cars are exiting the assembly line at 10 times the rate of the conventional car. BI […]

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Jan 7th 2015 | Posted in State, Transportation, Trends by Dawn Doyle
Photo by NC3D is licensed under CC BY 2.0

On Tuesday, Jan. 6, in Fresno, California’s high-speed rail project became the nation’s first project to break ground. Within seven years, the Fresno to the Burbank airport segment should be operational. Within 14 years, the system will be built out more than 500 miles in two directions, linking downtown San Francisco to downtown Los Angeles. Ultimately, it will stretch from Sacramento to San Diego at 200 mph.

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Oct 13th 2014 | Posted in State, Transportation by Dawn Doyle
Photo by Oran Viriyincy is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Because each of us is the continual and direct beneficiary of transportation systems – whether it is an ambulance ride to the hospital, food to the store from the field, or a trip to work where income is earned – transportation funding dramatically impacts us.  With transportation issues in the news so often, it is […]

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