Apr 12th 2017 | Posted in Vertical by Kirk Yoshida

Ohio State University trustees passed their Framework 2.0 plan back in January, and just recently agreed on five planning studies for major building projects to bring that plan to life. A request for qualifications will be released and somewhere between $5 and $7 million will be spent on an architectural firm to describe how they would help the university narrow down ideas and choose where to build.
The studies will have five main planning focuses. First will be a research building designed to accommodate faculty and students from many different academic areas working together. Second, an area west of the intersection of High Street and 15th Avenue transformed into an arts district and “front door” to the university, as well as adding new spaces for theater, dance and music performance. Third, facilities throughout the health-sciences campus will be designed to better allow instructors and students in different health-care programs to work together. Fourth, more patient beds and teaching and learning spaces will be added to Wexner Medical Center. Lastly, new outpatient and clinical spaces will be created for the hospital’s ambulatory-care center.
Kirk Yoshida

Kirk Yoshida is Director of Information Services at Strategic Partnerships, Inc. He has more than a dozen years of experience researching public sector trends and opportunities with a specific emphasis on local government and public-private partnerships.