Jun 21st 2017 | Posted in Technology by Kristin Gordon

Parking your vehicle in a congested part of town can be just as stressful as the drive to get there. Of course there is the thrill of driving behind a pedestrian who has bags in hand and is heading towards their vehicle to leave. Disappointment sets in as they unload their bags, but don’t leave […]

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Jun 7th 2017 | Posted in Technology by Kristin Gordon

From human organs to houses, the decreased cost and increased attention to three-dimensional, or 3D, printing is putting these machines in the hands of several industries that are eager to try them out and make prototypes. NASA is experimenting with 3D printers by taking them to the final frontier. Testing a 3D printer on the […]

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Jun 1st 2017 | Posted in Technology by Kirk Yoshida

Washington– Snohomish County announced plans to deploy technology and form partnerships to draw economic growth and improve connectivity to all residents. The county released a request for information (RFI) through its Department of Information Technology. The Snohomish County RFI seeks details on potential public-private partnerships for the county’s rural and urban areas for review by […]

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Feb 15th 2017 | Posted in Technology by Kristin Gordon

The day of the drones may sound like the overtaking of a male bee colony or some science-fiction movie, but in reality this unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) deserves a day of recognition because it has gone to extremes…even putting a man back in the drone. A Chinese-made passenger-carrying drone, called an eHang 184, recently made its debut in Dubai and […]

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Jan 10th 2017 | Posted in Technology by Kristin Gordon

Sensors of the past that are still put to use today are often always on, and it can be challenging to collect, store and interpret the tremendous amount of data they create. The Internet of Things (IoT) is making it easier for information to be collected and analyzed. The IoT is an interconnection via the […]

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Jan 10th 2017 | Posted in Technology by Government Contracting Pipeline

The Maryland Department of Transportation will begin using a new electronic bidding system this summer that could save the state $800,000 annually. The system is a web-based service for electronic bidding. Contractors can securely submit bids, download contract documents and receive any addenda to the advertisement. Currently, contractors must provide a hard copy bid package […]

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Oct 19th 2016 | Posted in Technology by Priscilla Loebenberg

Grants will help fight congestion, increase connectivity and improve access to opportunity U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced $65 million in grants to 19 communities for advanced technology transportation projects at the recent White House Frontiers Conference on the future of innovation. One focus of the conference was on how new transportation innovations are transforming American […]

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Oct 11th 2016 | Posted in Technology by Priscilla Loebenberg

With the rise of digital communication over the last two decades, it might be easy to forget just how essential the U.S. Postal Service has been in developing the nation. Under the constitutional mandate to establish post offices and post roads, the formation of the postal service created not only dependable communication; it also provided […]

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Oct 4th 2016 | Posted in Technology by Government Contracting Pipeline

The White House has announced $80 million in funding for technology-driven projects as part of its Smart Cities Initiative. More than 70 cities and communities are participating in the Smart Cities Initiative. The federal government intends to invest nearly $15 million helping participants address energy and climate challenges.  More than $15 million will be used […]

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Sep 28th 2016 | Posted in Technology by Government Contracting Pipeline

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced funding for projects in 16 states to use telecommunications to expand access to health care, substance misuse treatment and advanced educational opportunities. USDA is awarding $4.7 million in Distance Learning and Telemedicine program grants to support 11 distance learning and seven telemedicine projects. “These investments will help provide better health care […]

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Sep 7th 2016 | Posted in Mary Scott Nabers' Insights, Technology by Mary Scott Nabers
Facial recognition technology

Major event managers, security companies, airline terminal operators and governmental entities are all beginning to use facial recognition software. It is being used for many reasons – to scan crowds for security reasons, to check out suspicious individuals, to recognize dignitaries and to prevent fraud and identity theft. In the past, it has been difficult […]

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May 25th 2016 | Posted in Technology by Peter Partheymuller

Rawson noted that more than 10 percent of the money awarded to schools and libraries in nine Midwestern states went unclaimed. That amounted to nearly $40 million. Rawson was in New York last week for another conference of IT directors and explained that schools and libraries in 10 Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states did not claim at least $73 million, a figure that amounts to almost a quarter of what those states were awarded by the E-rate program.

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Apr 20th 2016 | Posted in Technology by Peter Partheymuller

The intention of the executive order is to release the large amount of data state agencies manage and open it up to members of the public. The portal will include data related to schools, employment information and trends and government efficiency.

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Apr 6th 2016 | Posted in Technology by Peter Partheymuller

“Illinois has been woeful. We’ve been way behind, decades behind, in use of technology to provide higher-quality services, more efficient services, for the people of Illinois,” Gov. Bruce Rauner has said. “And, unfortunately, we’ve been spending a lot of money on our technology while providing a low level of service and a low level of modernization.”

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Feb 17th 2016 | Posted in Technology by Peter Partheymuller
Logo for CalGovOps, which is formulating plans for an open data portal pilot

Nation’s most populous state to expand data transparency initiative State leaders in California are preparing to make their government a lot more transparent and responsive to its citizens. Last week, officials with the California Government Operations Agency (CalGovOps) announced a pilot program that will lead to the creation of an open data portal to house […]

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Dec 18th 2015 | Posted in Technology by Peter Partheymuller
Image of SPI consultant Colby Harrell, who reported on the TASSCC conference

Daylong TASSCC conference assesses where technology in Texas is and where it’s headed Last week, the Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications (TASSCC) held its annual “State of the State” conference in Austin. The daylong event assessed the state of play for information technology (IT) in government and higher education in Texas. […]

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Dec 9th 2015 | Posted in Technology by Peter Partheymuller
Image of the logo for the city of Seattle which is beginning a major IT consolidation project in 2016

Three-year IT consolidation project to provide stability, establish consistency, increase security Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced in May that the city government he leads will begin a three-year transition to consolidate its information technology (IT) services within one department. Rather than being dispersed throughout city agencies like Public Utilities, Parks and Recreation and Transportation, the […]

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Sep 16th 2015 | Posted in Technology by Peter Partheymuller
Manhattan Traffic
Photo by Kevin Coles is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has launched a pilot program in three states that will further test what’s called Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technology, or Connected Cars. The V2I technology offers similar services as V2V, except it embeds sensors in stop signs, traffic lights and other pieces of road infrastructure rather than simply […]

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Feb 17th 2015 | Posted in Technology by Dawn Doyle
Photo by Abdullah AlBargan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It is the concept of the self-driving car that continually grabs the headlines. The Federal Highway Administration even intends to award multiple contracts for concept development. Nevertheless, it is the Internet-connected car that is changing the marketplace. Already, connected cars are exiting the assembly line at 10 times the rate of the conventional car. BI […]

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Jan 9th 2015 | Posted in Technology by Mary Scott Nabers
Photo by Steve Johnson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  After the sun goes down in Salton City, California, a lone, driverless school bus can be found parked at a local trailer park in this community of slightly more than 3,700 residents. It’s not waiting to pick up and deliver students to school. The bus is making another kind of “delivery.” It is there […]

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Jan 7th 2015 | Posted in Technology by Mary Scott Nabers
Photo by Yuri Samoilov is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A former Secretary of Defense said recently that a cyber-attack on the United States could be as destructive as the terrorist-attack of 9/11. That’s a bold and disturbing statement. Indicating the truth in that statement, however, is the fact that the Pentagon last year proposed a $23 billion plan designed to protect federal networks and […]

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Jan 5th 2015 | Posted in State, Technology by AJ Bingham

Preparing for 2015, I represented Strategic Partnerships, Inc. (SPI) at the Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications (TASSCC) annual State of the State annual conference held in December 2014. The event featured an assorted crowd of Texas state agency and higher education representatives, as well as the vendors that serve them. The […]

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